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Shirt Color Change Tutorial

Changing Colors
There are many ways out there to change the color of a shirt using photoshop. This is one technique that I personally like to use as I find that it leaves things open if you need to make modifications. It might be helpful if you look at this tutorial after you have looked at my layer mask tutorial from last week. Read More …

Introduction to Layer Mask

Layer Mask
This is a quick introduction in using layer mask. The layer mask is helpful when making selections and if you have not been using it then this is a nice quick introduction to the tool.
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Using Action and Batch

Have you ever had an instance where you had a large set of photos that you had to make changes to but did not have the time to sit and make them? In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Actions window and Batch command in Photoshop to help you. The scenario is this, you have a set of photos that need to have copyright information added to the bottom left corner. Read More …